Free Red Mango Frozen Yogurt!

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In celebration of the new Astoria location Red Mango will be giving away a free small yogurt with one topping to everyone who visits the shop in Astoria Saturday, August 21 from 11am-5pm. Get in line for a delicious cold treat!

Red Mango– Astoria 30-58 Steinway St. 347 738 4197

(image credit http://fastfood.ocregister.com/review-pinkberry-vs-red-mango-pomegranate/)

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Shin Chon Kalbi Korean BBQ in Sunnyside

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The Shin Chon Kalbi Korean restaurant in Sunnyside looked safe enough. It had a clean though drab atmosphere and a kind but somewhat disengaged staff.  The menu appeared affordable and palatable, featuring many traditional entrees, casseroles and lunch specials. Brillo pad wire wasn’t listed on the menu, but unfortunately made its way into our dish. The do-it-yourself-bbq is strictly offered with orders of two or more, which is typical for this kind of dish, so my companion and I ordered the pre-grilled marinated tender prime sirloin beef. The succulent pile of beef strips graced our table shortly after we gobbled up our kimchi. We dug into the sizzling heaping of meat and then nestled the juicy strips between a folded lettuce leaf. After eating our first helping we noticed a shiny object swimming in the plate. Could it be!? Yes, a thin wire that appeared to have fallen from a brillo pad. Yuck! We informed our server and she apologetically returned the dish to the kitchen and brought us a new meal. I will eat practically anything, but consuming a metal wire will involve some serious indigestion. We proceeded to eat the newly prepared dish with some caution. The food hear tasted good but overall there was nothing that really stood out to make the restaurant exceptional. The kimchi was ok, but there was no bite. The main dish although edible was nothing exceptional. This place is ok if you are looking for a standard Korean BBQ place to do the trick, but if you want a meal that is top-notch you are better off hopping on the 7 train to Main St Flushing, where you can find Korean fare that is prepared better and bolder.

Shin Chon Kalbi Korean BBQ 43-01 Queens Blvd Sunnyside, NY 718-706-9205

Tender Sirloin


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Arirang Korean Restaurant Rings in the New Year

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Noodles and dumplings at Arirang

Perhaps one of the greatest things about Flushing, despite all of the “Hello Kitties” waving at you through the storefront windows, is the food. I recently came across Arirang (137-38 Northern Blvd 718-661-5454) while cycling through the neighborhood. Arirang is a tiny, inexpensive noodle shop set slightly off the Main Street strip. In this no-frills eatery, your kind server will start your meal with a small plate of spicy kimchi, the precursor to a traditional eastern meal. After you have enjoyed this pickled delicacy, the main course soon follows. A single yet sizable bowl filled with savory broth and handmade noodles can be slurped up for about $10 a pop. The noodles are prepared to just the right consistency in a rich flavorful broth with your choice of chicken, seafood or vegetables. If you want an added boost to your day, you can try the ginseng chicken for a pricier $17.95. There are also daily dumpling specials like the aromatic shrimp and scallion. There isn’t much to the place, the decor is humble yet endearing, the service is nice but communication between non-english speakers can be sparse, and seating is limited. Besides the lack of furnishings, Arirang carries an ambiance all its own because it is authentic. Sidle on in for a low-key weekend lunch with the locals or stop by for a warm meal after the Flushing Lunar New Year Parade.

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