Local718 Author, C. Smith Interviews C. Smith

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My good friend and fellow blogger, Joy ,once interviewed herself for her blog. What a great idea! Thanks Joy, I am now going to steal your idea…

Q: Why did you start your blog Local718?

A: I started Local718 in 2008 for several reasons. At the time I began writing it, I knew there was a lot of competition with other great blogs based in Astoria, but I wanted to create something that included all of Queens (or as much about the Queens neighborhoods as I can possibly write about). I felt the need to tell everyone about all the wonderful things borough life has to offer.

Q: Where does the name Local718 come from?

A: That’s a good question. It has a couple of meanings behind it. First, it is the Queens area code 718. Second, it is a play on the word local. It represents a union, and in this case it is a union of the people from Queens, but it is also a local blog. Get it?

Q: Is all the work on Local718 created by you? Photos, videos, posts…etc?

In a word, yes. Or at least 99% of the work. I will occasionally recruit a friend to write a post, but almost all the posts are written by me. Although many of my friends frequently accompany me on my ventures, so I have to give them credit for that. They are the most wonderful people I know! You can usually determine which are my posts by the grammatical and spelling errors. It’s impossible to be perfect every single time! The photos are always taken by me unless otherwise noted. The videos are 100% conceived, produced and edited by me as well. It’s all me me me!

Q: Speaking of photos, why are there no photos of you on the site?

A: Well, I decided from the beginning that the site was going to be about Queens, not about me. There are many blogs out there that are all about their authors and that is fine if that’s your thing. I personally don’t like promoting myself, (except for this post of course!) but I love promoting the things that I like.

Q: Have you ever written professionally? What do you do for a living?

A: Yes! I wrote for my college newspaper, and I will occasionally write articles for small publications. My most recent work will be featured in the 2010 Summer issue of Edible Queens. Right now I do some freelance work, writing and videography, but I am currently looking for full time media work. Most of my experience hails from television production.

Q: Where are you from?

I have lived in New York for ten years, but my life has taken me to and from a lot of places in and out of the U.S. Migration makes for a well rounded individual.

Q: Are you a foodie?

A: I really think it’s silly to label myself. I like to eat and I like to write about what I eat, especially if I am trying a new cuisine for the first time.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Local718?

My favorite thing is connecting with the community and being able to document it in so many different ways. I love taking photos of people and food. I also love eating a lot of great food and writing about it. Did I mention I love eating and photographing food?

Q: What’s your advice for fellow bloggers?

Keep exploring every aspect of life, so that you never lose interest in it. Then, you will always have something interesting to say on your blog. Use flash photography to a minimum, remember the best camera is the one that you have. Keep creating new ways to express yourself. For example, I started making videos on my blog and it has opened up a whole new way to get a message out there. Not to mention, I also meet so many interesting people while doing it! Keeping my interest in my site has lead me to be linked to New York Times City Room, Time Out New York, other local blogs, Queens Ledger, Glendale Register, Serious Eats and many other sites. The Daily News has also written stories based on my posts.

Q: Now that you have created a blog, what’s your next move? A book deal?

A: My next move will involve going to the corner store to buy some milk so that I can make some whole wheat pancakes to eat. I really love real maple syrup. You’ve simply got to try it!

Q: Um, are we done yet?

A: Yes!


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Thanks A… well let’s not get carried away! 😉

Yeah! Thanks for the idea. Although, I’m not sure I asked myself quite the right questions. And yes, I feel so famous… I am my biggest fan! 😉

Yay! Love this. Didn’t it make you feel famous? 🙂

I may actually recommend this sort of structure for bio pages.

You sound like a very interesting, well-rounded person!

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